Our world-class facility offers world-class service!

Most people agree, it’s the details that make the difference. Add Helium’s Concierge Services use experienced professionals and well-thought out systems to better manage the needs of our clients.

Add Helium’s Concierge Services set a new standard for personal care in the diving industry.


Class Concierge



Maggie, your Personal Class Concierge, will help manage your travel arrangements, rental equipment needs, purchases, and all the other details to ensure that everything goes according to plan.

Should you be traveling with non-divers, Maggie arranges non-diving activities for them. If you need a special charter for a unique dive, Maggie’s your woman. If you’re not sure that your equipment is up to par, Maggie will find you the right rental or accessory to purchase. And more!
With you personal Class Concierge, your training and dive experiences are 5 stars!


Customer Service Manager


Robyn is our Customer Service Manager. As a customer-focused team member, Robyn expertly handles all customer needs – from providing them with hands-on assistance in preparation for their upcoming class to the logistics for each individual attending one of our group trips. She points people in the right direction when they are not sure which class is right for them, helps customers with directions to the right dive site, and assists clients traveling on their own to foreign countries by arranging rebreather support with local shops around the world.

Our Customer Service Manager sets Add Helium apart from the rest.


Advanced Individual Training (AIT) 


AIT can take many forms. It may be used as a “tune-up” to prep for the next level of certification. For some, it can be a review due to time away from the sport. Many apply it as a form of advanced development for a specific diving discipline, such as wreck diving, cave diving, and more. Others use it as they would a “personal trainer” for long-term benefits and results.

Whatever your needs, the private instruction offered by our experts will exceed your expectations.





Do you really want to spend thousands of dollars on equipment you’re not even sure you’ll like? Then don’t!
Discover the world of rebreather diving by renting one! As the only facility to offer a full line of rebreathers to rent for training, Add Helium makes it easy.

Whether you are trying a rebreather for the first time or have interest in a new brand of rebreather, renting makes sense.


As the Add Helium dive team began to explore deeper and further, they were not satisfied with the “status quo” of information. Training agencies and industry experts clearly disseminated outdated and unsubstantiated information.

We all need information based on valid research to achieve optimal dives.

The information you seek, the information we all seek, is here on our site – take a peek and improve your dives.

21 Feb
How Do You Learn Best? Improve Your Dive Learning Experience

Feb 21st, 2018 by admin in Business ,Rebreather Diving

Ever wondered how we learn and how we retain what we learned? Have you noticed that you will retain less than 100% of the material presented? Furthermore, because you zone out, get distracted, or do not comprehend, you are not even cognizant of the things you see and hear during the class. Every time a,

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Why Pockets?
08 Jan
Why pockets?

Jan 8th, 2018 by admin in Business ,Rebreather Diving

During a dive, clipping gear to D-rings provides easy access to items we use most often. Reels, lights, primary SMB’s and line arrows are good examples of items we use often on a dive. However, we bring some items “just in case”. Many of these items could present an entanglement issue if stored externally. Pockets are often the best place to store these items. For example, spare masks, gloves, secondary cutting

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05 Jan
2nd Annual Add Helium Expedition Seminar Trip Report

Jan 5th, 2018 by admin in Rebreather Diving

Since last year’s event was a full success, we hosted it again at Dive Tech in Grand Cayman. Conditions were terrific for this time of year. The water temperature was at a balmy 81 degrees all the way down to 400 feet and the air temperature ranging mid 80’s during the day and mid 70’s in the evening. Some of the participants from last year’s event decided to return for another round thus giving the group a nice mix of new and old acquaintances. This year we had Inspirations, rEvos, Megalodons a

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