Trip reports

See what the Add Helium team has been up to with trip reports, photos and videos of our diving – both local and abroad!

Blue Holes of Cay Sal Trip Report

Last week some Add Helium members and customers had the pleasure of a weeklong live-aboard aboard the M/V Spree. The destination was the Cay Sal Bank to explore the deep blue holes and walls in this region. Cay Sal is the third largest of the Bahamas Banks, and geographically is just 31 miles northeast of Cuba.


Focus Grand Cayman

Focus Grand Cayman is a weeklong event held every September at Divetech in (you guessed it) Grand Cayman. The event brings together rebreather divers, and underwater photographers for a week of diving and imaging fun.

Like every year, Add Helium was on hand along with representatives from various rebreather manufacturers, including KISS and Hammerhead rebreathers. The weather was fantastic for the entire week with flat calm seas, and the usual 100+ foot of visibility common to the Caymans. The

KISS Learning Weekend with Dive Video

Mike Young of KISS Rebreathers came down and we had a great weekend of learning and diving fun.

2nd Annual Add Helium Expedition Seminar Trip Report

Since last year’s event was a full success, we hosted it again at Dive Tech in Grand Cayman. Conditions were terrific for this time of year. The water temperature was at a balmy 81 degrees all the way down to 400 feet and the air temperature ranging mid 80’s during the day and mid 70’s in the evening. Some of the participants from last year’s event decided to return for another round thus giving the group a nice mix of new and old acquaintances. This year we had Inspirations, rEvos, Megalodons a

Why Pockets?

Why pockets?

During a dive, clipping gear to D-rings provides easy access to items we use most often. Reels, lights, primary SMB’s and line arrows are good examples of items we use often on a dive.

However, we bring some items “just in case”. Many of these items could present an entanglement issue if stored externally. Pockets are often the best place to store these items.

For example, spare masks, gloves, secondary cutting

How Do You Learn Best? Improve Your Dive Learning Experience

Ever wondered how we learn and how we retain what we learned? Have you noticed that you will retain less than 100% of the material presented? Furthermore, because you zone out, get distracted, or do not comprehend, you are not even cognizant of the things you see and hear during the class. Every time a,