How Do You Learn Best? Improve Your Dive Learning Experience

Ever wondered how we learn and how we retain what we learned? Have you noticed that you will retain less than 100% of the material presented? Furthermore, because you zone out, get distracted, or do not comprehend, you are not even cognizant of the things you see and hear during the class. Every time a,

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Why Pockets?

Why pockets?

During a dive, clipping gear to D-rings provides easy access to items we use most often. Reels, lights, primary SMB’s and line arrows are good examples of items we use often on a dive.

However, we bring some items “just in case”. Many of these items could present an entanglement issue if stored externally. Pockets are often the best place to store these items.

For example, spare masks, gloves, secondary cutting

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Myth Buster

Myth Buster: Argon, the Superior Dry Suit Inflation Gas?

Staying warm during the dive is not just a matter of comfort. As we have learned from the 2007 NEDU study, it also affects our decompression and, subsequently, our DCS risk. Supplemental insulation provided by dry and wet suits will shift the Lower Critical Temperature (which is the ambient temperature at which heat production responses are initiated) to lower values and thus, delays the onset of core cooling as water tempera

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How Much Is In Your Loop?

Although alluded to in your initial rebreather training, the idea of ‘optimal loop volume’ escapes some divers. Even among advanced rebreather divers, the loop appears to be managing them instead of them managing their loop. They learned to cope, instead of, to control it.

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As the Add Helium dive team began to explore deeper and further, they were not satisfied with the “status quo” of information. Training agencies and industry experts clearly disseminated outdated and unsubstantiated information.

We all need information based on valid research to achieve optimal dives.

The information you seek, the information we all seek, is here on our site – take a peek and improve your dives.

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Obesity, Fitness and Diving

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It is not a secret that obesity is a growing problem in the United States. Obesity is getting daily exposure on the TV networks, radio stations, newspapers, and magazines. While standing in the supermarket checkout line, one is tempted to read magazine headlines promising wonder-diets and exercise routines to transform the overweight in only a,

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19 Mar
Rebreather Myths

Mar 19th, 2015 by admin in Business ,Rebreather Diving

In today’s world, navigating available rebreather information can be confusing, frustrating, and misleading. Consumers enquiring about rebreathers are often surprised by how disconnected the industry is. Over the years the Add Helium staff has had the pleasure of speaking with many people that wish to purchase a rebreather. Usually, we are not the first rebreather,

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15 Jun
Coming Full Circle: Diving the O2ptima…again.

Jun 15th, 2015 by admin in Business ,Rebreather Diving

By October of 2007, I had become an Optima diver. Trading in my doubles for a rebreather was a careful decision; one involving research and asking questions. I certainly did not want to buy a “garage made” rebreather and Dive Rite, a major manufacturer of technical diving equipment, was presenting a “factory made” rebreather. Eventually,,

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