Advanced Rebreather Education

Expanding your education is the key to unlocking the potential of your rebreather. Advanced Rebreather Education follows a unique curriculum at Add Helium. While incorporating training agency standards, our team of instructors has developed a unique course that combines skill proficiency, real-life scenarios, and academic education. Add Helium places great importance on diver skills, posture and buoyancy and how these things relate to real-life scenarios.


At Add Helium, every Advanced Rebreather Instructor teaches these levels on a regular basis. More importantly, these instructors have been diving at this level, and beyond, for many years. Real life experience is essential to advanced rebreather education. Our instructors have more experience diving and teaching these levels than anyone else.


More importantly, we have a specially designed program that goes beyond the training agency information. Our focus on academic information is second-to-none. We don’t simply quote training agency information. We share with you the latest research on the science of diving so you can form your own parameters to dive from.


The combined years of experience from the Add Helium instructor team, medical staff, and equipment specialists benefit our students with the most comprehensive and unconventional diving education offered today. Find out why more students select Add Helium for their rebreather diving education.


For those flying in from out of town, a rental car will be needed to transport you and your dive gear from one site to another. Rental cylinders are available to rent from Add Helium and many rental packages are available. Our Class Concierge will help you find lodging and other information you require.


Contact us at for more information.


Concierge Services

Our Concierge will help you find lodging, car rental, gear rental, and other information you require! Don’t hesitate to contact Add Helium’s Concierge, Maggie, for assistance organizing your training.

If you are flying in from out of town, you will need a rental car to transport you and your dive gear from one site to another. Rental cylinders and other rental packages are also available through Add Helium. Just ask Maggie!

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Rent-A-Rebreather Program

Fee Schedule:

CCR Normoxic Trimix (60 Meter): $1,370
CCR Trimix (100 Meter): $1,370
CCR Cave: $2,250
CCR Advanced Wreck: $2,250


As the Add Helium dive team began to explore deeper and further, they were not satisfied with the “status quo” of information. Training agencies and industry experts clearly disseminated outdated and unsubstantiated information.

We all need information based on valid research to achieve optimal dives.

The information you seek, the information we all seek, is here on our site – take a peek and improve your dives.

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